Chicago Condenser Corporation — “Made in U.S.A.”

Chicago Condenser Corporation was founded in the mid-1940s and was acquired by Capacitor Industries in 1993. In the past 50+ years, Chicago Condenser Corporation has concentrated on high-voltage capacitors in general and those manufactured to military specifications in particular. Chicago Condenser Corporation manufactures a wide range of high voltage capacitors from 100 volts to 100,000 volts for DC, AC, and pulse discharge applications.

All Chicago Condenser Corporation products are made in U.S.A.

A substantial portion of our production is custom in that the capacitor is designed specifically to meet the electrical or mechanical needs of the customer. Applications include cardiac defibrillators, airport runway lighting, radio and TV transmitters, X-Ray, and scientific apparatus.

Our products include:

  • High-voltage capacitors in both standard and a wide range of specialty designs, from 1,000 Volts to 100,000 Volts for DC, AC, and pulse discharge applications.
  • Extremely small and lightweight, yet highly reliable capacitor used for the elimination of screen distortion in CRT’s and in the H.V. supply of photocopying equipment.
  • Snubber (Commutation) capacitors

Our dielectric systems utilize polypropylene and polyester films, Kraft paper, and capacitor-grade aluminum foil to achieve superior performance and long-life. All of our impregnating fluids are non-PCB and non-toxic.