CP53 / CP54 / CP55 MIL Spec Capacitors
TYPE CP53, CP54, and CP55 capacitors are manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of MIL-C-25/4D. Chicago Condenser Corporation’s CP53, CP54, and CP55… Read More

CQ72 MIL Spec Capacitors
TYPE CQ72 CAPACITORS offer superior electrical characteristics, couple with small size and are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of MIL-C-19978/3E… Read More

BAM High-Voltage Capacitors
TYPE BAM CAPACITORS offer superior electrical characteristics coupled with small size. They are conservatively designed for long life under harsh conditions. Winding… Read More

CMP High-Voltage Capacitors
TYPE CMP CAPACITORS are designed for a wide range of uses including filter, bypass, and coupling applications in the low audio frequency range, energy storage… Read More

CSV High-Voltage Capacitors
CSV High Voltage Capacitors have extended foil construction with heavy leads to the terminals to handle high RMS currents. This configuration is available … Read More

CH84 High-Voltage Capacitors
The CH84 High Voltage Capacitor is wound with a compound film dielectric between sheets of aluminum foil, impregnated; epoxy filled, and sealed in a tough… Read More

TMV Metal Case Film Capacitors
TMV Metal Case capacitors features non-inductive wound Metalized Polyester dielectric film enclosed in hermetically-sealed metal enclosure. Standard termination of… Read More