TMV Metal Case Film Capacitors


TMV Metal Case capacitors features non-inductive wound Metalized Polyester dielectric film enclosed in hermetically-sealed metal enclosure. Standard termination of wire leads or tab terminals are available. TMV’s small size and superior electrical characteristics make it an excellent choice for Military and Industrial applications requiring light weight components with maximum protection against severe environments.

TMV Metal Case capacitors are manufactured in accordance to MIL-PRF-39022 standards. TMV capacitors can be used in either DC or AC operation.

Technical Specifications
Capacitance 0.001 ~ 12 uF (±20%, ±10%, ±5%)
Rated Voltage 100 ~ 400 VDC
63 ~ 200 VRMS
Dissipation Factor 0.8% Maximum ≤ 1.0 uF
1.0% Maximum > 1.0 uF
Operating Temperature -55 ~ +125 °C
Dielectric Material Metalized Polyester
Case Material Metal Tube